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Topical Niacinamide Fades Hyperpigmentation,
Dark Spots, Acne Scars, & Lightens Skin

Having blemishes and hyperpigmentation (dark blotches) on the skin can lead to awkwardness in social situations and at work. Finding a viable solution to remove these dark spots, pimples, rashes and other red markings on the face and other open areas can be difficult. Many lotions and creams make claims that do not live up to the proclamations. The key thing to making sure a pigmentation cream will help solve the problems associated with skin problems is to look for the active ingredients. A cream that contains niacinamide has been proven to reduce the amount of splotching and result in a healthier looking glow.

The British Journal of Dermatology, Volume 147, Number 1, published a study in July of 2002 on the effect of niacinamide on reducing cutaneous (skin) pigmentation and suppression of melanosome (light absorbing pigment in skin) transfer. In the clinical studies, carried out by Hakozaki et. al. 2% niacinamide+sunscreen was found to significantly decrease hyperpigmentation and increase skin lightness after 4 weeks of use.  The authors concluded that niacinamide is an effective skin lightening compound that works by inhibiting melanosome transfer from melanocytes (melanin-producing cells located in the bottom layer of the skin's epidermis) to keratinocytes (skin cells).

These results were backed up by Bissett et. al. in 2007, using a 4% niacinamide concentration. As such, in concentrations of at least 2%, niacinamide provides an effective method in decreasing hyperpigmentation.  The importance of topical niacinamide for pigmentation treatment lies in its ability to be used over the long-term. First-line prescription medications such as hydroquinone are not usually prescribed for prolonged periods, due to concerns about their long-term efficacy and safety. Topical niacinamide cream or gel is an ideal long-term pigmentation maintenance product for use after, or with, other treatments such as hydroquinone or light-based treatments.
  Furthermore, according to Bissett, niacinamide has many other skin benefits than reducing hyperpigmented spots and skin pigmentation. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, red blotchiness, and skin sallowness (yellowing), and increases elasticity.

In a study conducted by the New York University College of Medicine, it has been found that a pigmentation cream that contains 4% niacinamide will reduce the effects of acne and skin blemishes in up to 82 percent of the patients. This type of treatment is easy to use and has worked for a variety of cases. People regain their confidence from the niacinamide cream and do not have to worry about being embarrassed about their condition. The improvement in self-esteem will allow the body to add to the healing powers provided by the cream. With a base of Vitamin B, these products are safe to use and do not harm the environment.

In other published studies, niacinamide cream has been shown to be very effective in fading acne scars, and the dark pigmentation associated with these marks.

The use of a topical niacinamide skin pigmentation cream can be done without the advice of a doctor. The application process is simply and will have fast results. The effectiveness of the niacinamide cream will be noticeable after a few weeks of application. It even helps improve the effects of old age. The British Journal of Dermatology’s published studies for the effectiveness of this treatment prove what many of the people that use this solution have found. Niacinamide is a great solution for repairing pigmented skin, and removing all types of blemishes.

One popular and bestselling brand of 4% niacinamide skin pigmentation cream is called Acnessential. Although primarily marketed as an acne cream, it is also extremely effective for treating hyperpigmentation.  To find out more, visit  http://ironpower.biz/products_acnessential.htm

There are many pigmentation cream options available, but few with niacinamide. Acnessential is the top of the line product that offers a money back guarantee. Customer satisfaction and clinical studies have proven this to be an effective solution to a potentially embarrassing problem. Socialize with confidence with a glow on your face due to healthy skin.

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